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CallSource Automotive, provider of call management, marketing analysis and sales improvement services, today announced it has partnered with IHS (Polk) Automotive to add vehicle purchase insight to its patented Sales Profit Management (SPM) system.

The addition of IHS Automotive information and insight allows CallSource to provide its automotive dealer customers with reporting and analytics to show how many sales prospects ultimately buy at the dealership they called and how many are ultimately lost to competing dealerships and alternative brands. This data will allow CallSource to better identify and pinpoint how to improve their client’s call management processes and will help them to track improvements in performance over time.


In my last article “1 Simple Way to Increase your Appointment to Show Rate”, I reviewed how your sales and BDC staff can utilize our “Send Coupon” feature to help increase their appointment show percentage.

We have dealers utilizing the Send Coupon feature every day to increase their appointment to show rate by 20% or more. However, when I’ve presented this feature or idea to other dealers, I sometimes sense a bit of hesitation. And that’s okay. Not everything works for everybody because the first step in getting anything to work is buy-in and commitment from top management.


According to industry statistics, the average dealership converts LESS than 20% of Sales Calls into an appointment.

The average dealership has a 50% percent show rate on those appointments. So for every 10 appointments scheduled, only 5 on average physically show up.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you don’t want to be AVERAGE. If you’re already using our suite of Autohook products, there’s NO reason for your dealership to have a 50% (or less) appointment to show rate. I’ll get to that a bit later…